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This coming Christmas year 2016, our Christmas Tree Decorations are all about Ribbons and of course Sailor Soldiers/Senshi will never out of the view. Here are some pictures of our Christmas Tree Decoration.


Inner Senshi Ribbons




Sailor Senshi Ribbons

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon Christmas Outfit

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter Christmas Outfit

Sailor Mars and Sailor Chibi Venus Christmas Outfit

Artemis & Luna

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Christmas Outfit

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto Christmas Outfit

Luna & Artemis, Chibi-Chibi


Tuxedo Mask

Sailor V and Artemis


Sailor Moon Christmas Tree with Sailor Senshi

A Quick Video Here:

30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q29. Have you ever worn costumes (Cosplay) in a regular situation like at work, school or other non-Cosplay event?
Ans. Yes, every time I feel like cosplaying; it constantly happened in my shop and home.