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As a cosplayer, do you have a private life?


Yes, of course. Actually I’ am amateur cosplayer even though it’s been a years since I’ve start cosplaying. I always place myself as an amateur cosplayer because I know I’m not perfect enough though but those imperfections gave me a huge experience to improve my cosplay.

 Sachiko Ogasawara my latest cosplay photo

How it affects in your life?

For me, as I see being a cosplayer or cosplaying is a very expensive hobbit with a mixes of popularity, insult, fame, happiness, desire, gossip, new friend, group, and a lot of things that will involved my private and public life but I don’t mind some of them because I do cosplaying for fun and to express what I’ve felt inside my heart. I met new friends and found a group that has a very interesting aims to help our community to grow and I’ am very proud to be part of it. Not only that I can help others but to give happiness as well including myself.


National Cosplayers of the Philippines “Outreach Project”
House of Refuge
Road 20, Project 8 Q.C. Philippines
June 8, 2013


How you manage your time if have a convention, event and photoshoot?

Like what I’ve said before, cosplaying is only my hobbit. I don’t bother myself for side by side event, convention and photoshoot. I’m going if I’ am free and enjoyed myself with others cosplyers like how I’ve done in making my costumes; I’m not forcing myself in making my costume because I know once I did it, it’s turn to mess.


Is it true that you travelled almost 4 hours for the cosplay events?

Yes, that was true. I’m not living in manila where almost of the cosplay events happened so every time I’m attends cosplay event I need to travel 3 to 4 hours to reach the venue but I don’t complain for the long journey instead I was very thankful because I discovered new things while I’ am in journey.

 aleeping while on the journey


 sleeping while traveling

Thank you for sending me some question about my cosplying. I really appreciate those items.

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This is what we have done last Saturday.
Highlights of the Outreach Project of National Cosplayers of the Philippines.

National Cosplayers of the Philippines “Outreach Project”
House of Refuge
Road 20, Project 8 Q.C. Philippines
June 8, 2013