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This is the very first time I made a video. Sorry for the low quality and choppiness of the voice, actually I do not know what happened to my voice after done editing this video.


Those pictures are represent of a successful photoshoot by Khin Michael Jackson Photo Galleria.

Title: Sailor Moon S
Character: Michiru Kaioh
Theme: School Uniform of Mugen Gakuen
Cosplayer: Michiru Jackson
Photographer: Mizty Mclove’art

2013 CosDreams to Reality

This year of 2013, my greatest Cosdreams are to complete the costumes of Michiru kaioh/Sailor Neptune form the original series to fan made. Last January I made her Mugen Gakuen School Uniform; 

winter version. Then last February, I made her Mugen Gakuen School Uniform; 

summer version.  Last month I finish her polka dots dress 

which I used in her birthday party. This month a Light Pink Long sleeves;

a simple costume of her made by a fan.

After cosplaying a number of characters, I ‘am happy to announce that I finally release my first ever Cosplay Poster “Princess Neptune” together with the swift of my second Cosplay Poster “Michiru Kaioh” with the theme of Mugen Gakuen Summer Uniform.  

I personally editing the details, the way that I wanted it be.

Moreover, I ‘am glad too that my cure cards/coscards are already printed therefore I can able now to share them to my co-cosplayers.

I hope you like them all 

Michiru Kaioh a.k.a Sailor Neptune. Ever since I was young, I really do admire her. The first moment I watched Sailor Moon series, I used to like Usagi a.k.a. Sailor Moon because of her hair color and style although when Minako appeared in the series I suddenly changed my mind so until the end of Sailor Moon R; Minako is remain my favorite Sailor Moon Character.

In Sailor Moon S, when Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus shown, my curiosity began to spread all over my body. In Episode 92 when Haruka and Michiru appeared I feel something different (maybe I’m out of my mind to think something that impossible to happen but I really do admit that I wanted to become like Michiru specially when I know that we have something in common. I love drawing and painting, I assured this is my gift from Almighty God. I love playing organ, flute and violin that part of her skills as well although I don’t know how to swim. Basically, Michiru is everything I wish I was.

The first moment I Cosplay Michiru I said to my self “yes, this is it” the dream I dreamed before is now A Dream Come True!. By then, I always done a Costrip because that time Cosplaying is not really popular in our town but then when it blown I just started to sew my own costume. My CosDreams is to have her all costumes from the series and fan made costume.
So far this is my most beloved costume

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