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I’m just ordinary person and my only dream is to become Michiru Kaioh. I care not about what people said that being Otaku was weird. Actually, I’ am proud to be Otaku and I admit that I learned so many things in watching anime and reading manga online.

Last Saturday, 25th of May 2013 The National Cosplayers of the Philippines including myself was conducted a Photoshoot for a Cause at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Philippines. The purpose of this project is to raise fund for the students of House of Refuge located at Parinas, Project 8 Quezon City.

Fortunately, I’m pretty happy for being part of this event and I admit that I can’t wait to see my pictures from different respected Photographers.

In fact, I always brought a camera with me because capturing attractive views and interesting things are one of my damn hobbies.

Here are some pictures captured last Saturday…


I’ am the soldier of embrace, and I carry the protection of the planet of the deep blue sea, Neptune.


Sailor Neptune


Sailor Neptune

Submarine Reflection ψ

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I’m just imperfect person and I don’t have a formal education in the field of dress making but I always give my best in sewing my very own costume. Since I experienced being a seamstress, I could say this is not an easy job that won’t take your time but it is a lot of analyzation and strong self-control to keep yourself perseverance. I did admit that I always made mistake and sometimes I’m irritated when I can’t figure out the accuracy of my work therefore I whisper to myself to stay calm because if I allow my being peeve, 100% for sure I can’t finish what I’ am doing.

Like what I said in my post before, my difficult costume I ever made was my Michiru Kaioh’s Mugen Gakuen School Uniform then here’s the another one my Sailor Neptune Suit. Yes, I’ am happy with the result of my work, everything was paid off.

Sailor Neptune Suit

Measuring, dividing, pinning, cutting and sewing with lots of confusion. I knew I wouldn’t get confused if I use a pattern but ever since I started sewing I never experience to make a pattern. I always grabbed the fabric then take a little sneak on the computer to see the details of the costume then yeah I begin.

Sailor Neptune Bow


Sailor Neptune Skirt Bow


Sailor Neptune Choker


Sailor Neptune Tiara


Sailor Neptune Sailor Skirt


I have an old shoe that I don’t usually use so I decided to recolor it to make look likes Sailor Neptune shoes. Sometimes being creative is takes place.


Deep Aqua Mirror

depp aqua mirrror

Sailor Neptune Suit

Sailor Neptune Suit

How many costumes and wigs do you own?

I currently own around 38 costumes placed in my wardrobe and almost of them are made by me. I never did purchasing a MTO costumes ’cause I really wanted to experience the excitement, the confusion, and happiness in making my own costumes. Actually, my pre-love costumes are my Michiru Kaioh’s Mugen Gakuen School Uniform and my Sailor Neptune Suit that still on the process.  In fact, I sell some of my costume after I wear them within a couple of times. So far I sold 5 costumes and 1 wig; I guess it’s not too bad.
Michiru Kaioh’s Mugen Gakuen School Uniform
Sailor Neptune Suit      
Recently, I got 24 wigs and my favorite would possibly be my Michiru Kaioh’s wig; ayanamisatoru brand.
wigs and wigs
 wigs Ayanamisatoru wig Michiru Jackson
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Hello I am Michiru Jackson of National Cosplayer of the Philippines and we’re asking everyone to help us on our up coming outreach program. We’re gonna conduct a small program at the House of Refugee at Project 8, Quezon City on the 2nd week of June 2013. We’re gonna donate school supplies for the children in that institution to help them this upcoming school year …and we’re going to be collecting school supply donations like pencils, notebooks, pad papers, crayons, rulers, etc., that they can use during this upcoming school year.. . We’re also conducting a Photoshoot to accumulate funds and donations for the said outreach program, here are the details:

Photoshoot for a Cause: NCP-House of Refuge Charity shoot
DATE: May 25, 2013
TIME: 9 am onwards
WHERE: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife
PURPOSE: FUND RAISING PROGRAM for the students of House of Refuge.
BENEFICIARIES: House of Refuge, Parinas, Project 8, Quezon City.

Everyone is welcome!!

kindly bring the following:
*50pesos OR 3 notebooks, 2 pencils and 1 pad papers per head.
*Umbrella ( just in case na umulan)

*Just bring your cameras and yourselves. :))
*Kindly bring some donations if possible and if you can. (if none, it’s fine! You’re already helping us make this event successful!)


Proceeds from this Photoshoot will be used for the donations and other expenses for the Outreach program.

To those who are willing to help you can coordinate with these people:

Sir Myk Silva #09202445649 “txt him regarding important matters only” meet up (Rai Cosplay Costume Enterprise, beside Marikina Science High School on the left side of Marikina City hall for marikina area )
Sei # 09353544739 meet up (Mcdonalds, Katipunan, Q.C. )
Arlloe #09228977345 meet up (SM North EDSA)
KC Caravana # 09325396591 meet up (SM Fairview )
Cherrie Mae Ocampo # 09261103852 meet up (Project 8, Q.C. )
Halan # 09262859040 meet up ( Rotonda, Pasig City )
J-Paul Reyes # 09065678429 meet up (Gateway Mall, Cubao )
Chibi # 09157499739 meet up ( SM Sta. Mesa )
Nyco David # 09163971097 meet up (Robinsons Ermita, Manilaa )
Juliane Beñalon # 09262694568 meet up (SM Marilao, Bulacan area )



National Cosplayers of the Philippines
You can be part of us! Register at Thanks 🙂
Page: 8,532 like this

National Cosplayers of the Philippines
You can be part of us! Register at Thanks 🙂
Page: 8,532 like this

You can be part of us! Register at Thanks 🙂

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These are my previous and latest coscards/ curecards/ cosplay cards. I’m gonna give ’em away to all the ppl who loves to own ’em.



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Later, I’m gonna post a collage of my cosplay pictures from the start to now.

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Otaku U Rule: Cosplayer of the Month May 2013

As a Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune Cosplayer, it is another journey for me to joined again in Cosplay Contest. I joined in Otaku U Rule: Cosplayer of the Month May 2013. This is the 3rd time around I join in Otaku U Rule Cosplay Contest. The first picture I submitted was Michiru Kaioh of Sailor Moon S in Mugen Gakuen School Uniform Summer Version. Second, Annie of Space Sheriff Shaider. And now, Michiru Kaioh of Sailor Moon S in Mugen Gakuen School Uniform.

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