Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch



Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch Tutorial



Dough Roller



Clear Color Aerosol Spray Paint


  1. Use Dough Roller to spread out the clay.
  2. Use empty cup to shape the clay into circle.
  3. Use empty cup again for shaping crescent moon.
  4. Combine the clay circle and crescent moon.
  5. Roll the clay and cut into 2 pieces of small, medium and large circles.
  6. Roll the clay for another big circle and flatten it with dough roller.
  7. Attach the 4 circles outside the main circle.
  8. Place the big circle at the top of the crescent moon.
  9. Place the 2 small circles at its side then connect another 2 medium circles and the 2 large circles.
  10. Place the star at the center of the big circle.
  11. Paint the finish clay brooch with white color.
  12. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  13. Paint the main circle and the crescent moon with yellow color.
  14. Paint the 4 medium circles that place outside the main circle with red (Top), orange (left side), green (right side), and blue (bottom)
  15. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  16. Repeat Methods no. 13 and 14.
  17. Let it dry again.
  18. Spray the finish brooch with Clear Color Aerosol Spray Paint to add shine and fix the colors.
  19. Leave it for a few minutes then it’s ready to use.

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Since some of my friends here on the network site asking me how I made my Cosplay costumes and props, painting shirt and other stuff, and my method in painting and drawing. Today, I made a short video of “How to Paint a Sailor Moon (Sailor Neptune) T-shirt”. This is the very first time I got a tutorial video and then I hope you like it guys.


watch the video for more details

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30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q30. Until when you want to Cosplay?
Ans. Actually, I really don’t know until when because the only thing to push me to Cosplay is to portray Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh. Like what I stated in my last post “Michiru Kaioh is everything I wish I was” so I conclude, I’ll stop Cosplaying when I done and Cosplay all her costumes from original series to fan made art or perhaps until I feeling like.


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q29. Have you ever worn costumes (Cosplay) in a regular situation like at work, school or other non-Cosplay event?
Ans. Yes, every time I feel like cosplaying; it constantly happened in my shop and home.


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q28. Your Cosplay workplace and Cosplay costume’s chamber/cabinet/ closet?
Ans. I have a workplace in our home wherein my sewing machine placed.
Considering in my unfinished costumes I put them in one box therefore, wherever I wanted to sew I can easily see them.
Finished costumes, I place them in different places; my Sailor Neptune Suit from Sailor Moon S to Eternal Sailor Neptune; I place them in one plastic container. My Michiru Kaioh’s school uniform and other casual clothes from the original series and fan art, I store them in my wardrobe. My non-Sailor Neptune Costumes, I post them in my shop so if anyone out there wants to rent I can easily take them out. In the process costumes, I have my body mannequin wore it.


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q27. Did you join in any Cosplay Competition and Photo Contest?
AnsCosplay Competition, I never tired, but Photo Contest, yes, I did many times; local and international Photo Contest. I have written some article regarding in Photo Contest I’ve been linking up. Here are some connections that maybe can serve.
Asia Pacific – Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012-

Otaku House Christmas Cosplay Showcase 2012-

Otaku U Rule! Cosplayer of the Month – February 2013 Entries-

Cosplay Photo Contest-

Otaku U Rule: Cosplayer of the Month May 2013-


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q26. Any Costrip before you became a Cosplayer?
Ans. Oh, I took a lot of Costrip but this is the photo I wanted to partake in. That time I already have some of her costume but I don’t have her wig so it’s obvious I edited my hair.


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q25. Do you have any unfinished costumes, props, and any Cosplay stuff?
Ans. Yes, I have a lot. Here are some photos that are not yet done.



30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q24. What is your favorite Cosplay item?
Ans. I don’t have in particular. I love everything about Cosplay Stuffs; costumes, wigs, accessories, armor, shoes and boots, and props.


30 Days Cosplay Challenge
Q23. How many wigs do you own and which is your favorite?
Ans. In my last post about this question is I got 24 wigs and you can view that post thru this link:

A one of the most successful photo shoot we’ve done.
Last month I bought about 5-7 wigs (can’t remember the exact no.) for my Cosplan so I think it is less or more than 30 wigs. My favorite wig is an Ayanamisatoru Teal Wig; the one I used in my Sailor Neptune Cosplay and Lucaille Wig; the latest one that I’ll use in my Sailor Moon Cosplay.